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Apple Vs Microsoft


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What do you think?


I think you know, I've been using Microsoft's products for years because Apple wasn't really popular in my country. Now I think Apple products are way better than MS'.. Even though I'm using a Windows computer I still regret a bit my decision that I haven't bought MacBook instead of my WIndows laptop, but I'm happy I can still improve my laptop's hardware without buying a new machine.

I prefer OS X though. It's much more comfortable, beautiful and it's just <3. Windows 8/8.1 is just cool, the new flat design is very cool but come on, it's time to move forward! They literally forgot about the desktop site of their OS. It's still same as Windows Vista/7 's. Boooring!


The smartphones case.. Well, Apple rules here anyway. Windows has a really cool layout and it's really fluid unlike the buggy and crappy Android phones but it still has lots of issues to fix. iPhone is just amazing.


I think I'm confused between Windows and Apple.

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It depends... if you're a gamer: Microsoft; cause they have special PC's for gamers


Designer: Mac

But it's best to work with a desktop for a designer; so instead of a MacBook, use an iMac cause its processor is much more robust...


Then again  a good designer delivers good work regardless which tool he uses.


PS: I own a MacBook Pro


If I have a lot of money (someday hopefully) I'll invest in both an iMac and a PC desktop. And I'll buy a MacBook Air cause it's super light to bring around... I'll even consider buying a light PC notebook... lol


I'd love to own both tbh haha... I'm so greedy like that haha :x I love technology and gadgets haha



Ah to be rich... I so need a sugar daddy tbh...  :crying1:

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