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Ariana Grande Dating Big Sean, Surprises No One, Confirms Their Mutual Tastelessness

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It was revealed that pop neophyte and sociopathic craver of BBC Mariah Carey's legacy Ariana Grande has been getting serious with Big Sean, releasing a slow jam called "Best Mistake" (God, do they know how to make the beginning of a relationship seem as inauspicious as possible.)


This is coming off the heels of Sean's separation from now ex-fiance Naya Rivera. They separated 4 months ago. Keepin' it classy, I see. :eyeroll:


Judge the doomed rebound below :inneresting: I give them five months max, probably less

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I give it three. Maybe four. :entertainme:

(And her childish gimmick annoys me. Is she 21 or 12? I can't tell.)


AMEN. It makes stuff like this really uncomfortable to me :xf11:

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Yeah they're not going to last. Word has it Big Sean and Naya broke up because he was constantly cheating on her even with her friends. He's going to do a number on Ariana.

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