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U G Z: Enigmatic Mist Hits #1


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IGOTYOUCRAZY scores his third #1 album

Universe's Gossip Zone


The extremely popular member on several forums, including Universe, has finally released his third album called Enigmatic Mist. The widely (from s to gags) anticipated album hit the stores today and with over 500.000 pre-orders it skyrocketed to #1, becoming IGOTYOUCRAZY's third #1 album.



The front and back cover of Enigmatic Mist




After the release, one of our insiders was able to have a quick conversation with the Outrageous Singer, and this is what he had to say:


"I feel really glad. The collabos make me so proud. I feel like I've achieved a new me with a more urban sound".



They also asked the provocative singer what he had to say about the critics bashing his new material for being too Sexual, his answer being:


"YAAAAAS. Loves it".



The single, part-time model was asked when his first single is coming out, and he said that it depended. It's very unusual that an album comes out before the lead single, but I guess that's what IGYC does, being unusual, and we love it. 


Irrelevant people, IGYC, more irrelevant people

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Are you SERIOUS!??? :umomg:


I'm not creating another account then. It's always the same shit. I wake up and I don't have a set. It sucks


BYE SEOUL :orangu:

yes i am serious. it only has like 6/7 members rn. there are no admins nor mods. i think they moved to a new place, since some of the admins thought they have "to many members they dont like" or something like that :awkwarddd:

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