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So, Kendall Jenner Kinda Flipped Out.


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Kendall Jenner threw cash in a waitress’ face because hey, why not?


"Out to dinner with a friend in New York last week, Jenner grew rather agitated when her waitress—Skins’ Blaine Morris wouldn’t serve her alcohol. Rather than accept their fate, Jenner and her pal stormed out of the restaurant without paying, and when Morris confronted them on the sidewalk about stiffing her, Jenner responded by whipping a bunch of $20s in Morris’ face."


I mean, she's 18 years old, we can't really blame her for wanting a drink but she still acted like a little spoilt brat. Oh, hold on, she is one. 


Morris herself confirmed the statement on Twitter.




Not very classy, Kendall. Not so Vogue. 

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