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Predict First Week Sales For Cheek 2 Cheek.


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It's such a mystery for me, I don't even know what to expect from the first week sales for C2C so I wonder what you think. I mean, Tony Bennett released 57 studio albums and 31 compilations so far which sounds surreal to me. 


His last album did not chart at all in the UK or most countries and debuted at #5 in the US, quickly falling off the chart. On the other side, we got Little Monsters who will buy anything their fave shits on. 


Anything Goes, as expected, flopped completely and did not have any impact on the chart and/or radio so I doubt many people from the general public will even be aware of this album, whatcha yall think? Will it get to 100k? 

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I don't think that C2C is going to be a successful album. only Tony Bennett listeners and of course Little Monsters will probably buy the record to support their fave. there are not many people who still listen to jazz music and it won't get a big promo, because they won't play singles in the "standard" radio - only in jazz stations. it's probably gonna flop and I don't expect big sales in the first week...



for example look at the video which Gaga has uploaded few days/weeks ago. it doesn't have a lot of views because people are not interested in that kind of music from her I guess. 



I saw Tony Bennett's discography a few minutes ago and it's not bad, but the last album which sold many copies is from 2011 and mostly people from US buy his music - in other countries he's not that famous. I would say 30-60k sales in the fist week, but it all depends on Gaga's fans and good promotion imo. maybe it's going to have big success on the jazz stations but I can't say, because I don't listen to such music and I'm not really sure how it is...



overall I think Gaga and Tony Bennett collaboration is kinda shocking for GP, it kinda surprised me as well 

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Am I the only one who's thought from the beginning that it's not supposed to be a commercial venture? The Gags actually enjoys music, and she loves jazz. I'm definitely no defender of LG or anything her shit fan base proclaims, but she is an artist and I've always viewed her work with Tony as little vanity projects :aintevenmad:

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