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If You Could Get Plastic Surgery...


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What would you get? I'd get:


- Nose Job
- Botox for my eyebrows
- Liposuction
- Face lift because I hate my eyes
- Laser hair removal like everywhere (except my head.. I have a weird phobia of body hair)


EDIT: By the way, this thread isn't full on serious like, I'm sure everyone's fucking beautiful, but it's just a general question..


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r u serious?


What  u really need bb is confidence, and with that, u would be the hottest man alive for you, and for a lot more people (including me), so.. work on gettin confidence. ;)



Nothing... i'm happy with myself :)



Nothing :queenflopga:


Exactly!!! :crying1:  Only thing what I maybe would do is that body hair removal!

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- Botox for my eyebrows because I already have wrinkles. - Liposuction because I am over weight.

- Laser Hair Removal because I don't like my stomach and chest hair lol idk. :drown:

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