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Ugh :(

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Hey guys,


I am just in such a funk right now. like i just don't know what to do. My ex boyfriend has been texting me for the past 3 days. We have been talking non stop. We keep bringing up memories and everything. Idk what to do. He has a boyfriend. He is like hanging out with his boyfriend Friday so obviously everything is fine, maybe i am just looking into this because he has a boyfriend, but i just don't get why he has been talking to me everyday.  He said to me i hope u can find someone who makes me happy, its like ok then why are you texting me??? Idk i just need advice. like why is he talking to me? does he miss me? like we have not been together for a year and i know what i did wrong in the relationship, and so does he, but idk what to do. my mind is all over the place. Maybe he just wants to be friends but i feel like the way he is talking to me is not on a friend level. When i asked him if he loved his boyfriend and waht not he ignored the question, he said i know u care about me more then anyone and what not. so like i dont get it. :crying1:

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