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Is Katy Tryna Reference The Other Pop Stars In Her Tihwd Video?

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I know most fans were complaining by the dullness of the video but what caught my attention was her unusual un"Katycat" style in the video. Her cube head dress seemd like a gaga reference for me. Her mid-riff baring, pontytail wearing get-up seemed like something ariana grande would do. The jessie-J synthetic fur jacket with her usual hairstyle and swagger get-up. The Kesha Crazy kid look. And the Beyonce ponytail style. The Christina aguilera make-up paired the hairstyle in the masserati scene, plus  she did look oddly a lot like xtina tbh. Im retty sure thats what he was trying to portray in the video. to showcase the different image of different popstars. Thoughts?


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really? it kinda looked like she was jagging the other popstars' styles

i mean hey if thats how you perceive it lol cant tell you no...but because a lot of pop artists now often take on the styles of old era's it would seem that way...but she just wanted a throwback feel to it

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