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My Britney Collection

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I have a short collection because in my country is so hard to find CD's/DVD's of Britney but probably i can get Circus, Blackout or My Prerogrative soon :)

My Collection:

Britney Jean (Deluxe Version)

Femme Fatale (Standard Version)

The Singles Collection (DVD Version)


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I like it! I also have a small one:



- Britney (Argentinian 2003 Edition - 15 tracks)

- Greatest Hits My Prerogative (Import - Normal version with grey cover)

- Circus (Standard edition - 13 tracks including Radar)

- The Singles Collection (Only CD Version)

- The Singles Collection (CD+DVD Version - has a misprint on the booklet :orangu:)

- Flawless Fatale (Ecopack version)

- B In the Mix vol. 2 (Bought two times due to scratches)

- Britney Jean (Standard Edition)

- Glory Deluxe (Super proud of this one, bought it myself :) )


I'm supposed to make a bootleg unreleased collection :D



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