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The Official Hot Guys Appreciation Thread (Strictly For Fun) (For Gay&girls Only)

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your reaction:  :umomg:   my reaction: :trollney:


I think its time for a fun appreciation  thread like this.   

Post pics, gifs, short videos of your favorite hot sexy guys !   :gaspy:

but  please dont post porn! we dont want to be reported. 


warning: some content may offend some, if so please leave the thread. : :byebitch2:  


my post: 


harry styles 


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:thirsty:  :thirsty:  :thirsty:  :thirsty:  :thirsty:  :thirsty:


Hot!! I'd do him lbr.. 


Mine is Joe Manganiello tbh.. Refer my sign  :bomt:

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OH HELLZ YES! :ohnice:  :xf9:  I remember seeing him in HSM and being like meh, but after the The Lucky One I was like HOT DAMN! He's a man!! haha  :P  :thirsty:  :toxicwink:

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