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Guest Zooey Deschanel

In Real Life Or Virtually, Never Listen To The Idiots...like I Did

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Guest Zooey Deschanel

I was 68 kilos (1.67 m height) when i finished h.school and idiots started telling me i'm fat


i was 70 kilos when i started college, skinny girls started telling me i'm fat too


and that started haunting me, i started eating and eating and gained some kilos and then when they were bashing me even more and harder, i started puking to lose weight


this spring i puked so often my heart started to ache and i couldnt get up from bed for 2 days and when i woke up one afternoon i couldnt move my left arm and in hospital they gave me pills for the heart. i had a heart problems and they wanted to prevent clots


after all those pills, i gained even more weight but i'm on my way down. i lost 5 kilos naturally with workout (i wont tell you how much i have  exactly but i really did ate my feelings out)


and every time i see myself in the mirror, i hate the picture i see in it and i'll just never be slim or pretty enough but i ruined my normal weight because of skinny cunts. i wouldnt get so many kilos if i didnt listened to them. i was always a few kilos up or down, it would pass by like always but once that shit got in my mind it stuck with me.


and now i'm suffering because of that


dont listen to the people...ever :crying1:

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