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Hilary Duff Chasing The Sun


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I'm glad she didn't do a generic edm music for her comeback, thank God. But unfortunately i really don't like it tbh, i'm disappointed. She made much better music in the past. This sounds like a song a 15yo girl would sing, and it's not really catchy, the chorus is very boring imo, i was waiting for the moment when the song would finally be more... i don't know, interesting. But it never came. It sounds like a huge step back after Dignity, like if she came back to Lizzie Mcguire.

Anyway i hope the rest will be great tho, otherwise i will be highly disappointed

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dislike it. sounds like she is stuck in her lizzy mcguire body in that song. i was hoping it would b something much more mature. like something at least during her metamorphosis album. she was soooo young then but still sounded soo mature. this is like she went back into her 12 year old days. it wierded me out. nevertheless, i am still hoping the very best for this woman and im willing to listen to her new cd. maybe its jsut this song i really cannot connect with :(

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