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PEACE of me

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There are things we can all agree on, and one of them is that we as a Britney army come from different, various and interesting backgrounds.  :hug: We all talk to people from all places of the Earth, from different cultures, different belief systems, different lifestyles. Yet, we all easily enjoy our time, whether it be online or in person, and seem to all get along and realize we all have our own "prerogative"  :yeathatswhatsup:

The world has always had its fair share of evil, immorality and conflict. Whereas as a fanbase, we were inspired to be who we are, be confident, make our "own decisions" and to "work bitch"  :betterwb: as our own little ringleaders in this Circus of a world with its craziness and "outrageous" and "toxic" "trouble"s.


We have many fans in the middle east, specifically. One of Britney's biggest fanbases are actually in Egypt  :bffs: , Turkey and Iran. Today, Britney fans in both Palestine and Israel are going through actual HELL and want nothing but a "heaven on earth." Let's all send our support to Britney fans in Gaza in Palestine. 1000 Palestinians have died from Israeli forces :crying2:. 40 Israeli troops were killed as well during their strikes. 2 innocent Israelis have died also :crying2:

Britney fans want PEACE. This is not a war between Muslims and Jews. This is not a war between Israelis and Palestinians. This is a genocide caused by Zionist and Hamas extremists.  :ahhhhhh:


SO B Army. Never let these shallow and brainwashing attempts feed into your intellectual. We are all humans. We all are Britney's fans. We want a PEACE OF ME from each & every one of us!  :crying5:

We are women, men, transexuals, transgenders, straight, gay, bi, religious, atheist, agnostic, thin, toned, big, tall, short, dark-skinned, light-skinned, etc. We are ALL Beautiful, drop dead.  :fierceney:

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