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I have a tough decision to make

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My uncle is trying to make it as an author and as a marketing student looking for any experience to put on my resume, I made the mistake of volunteering myself to do the marketing for his book and even act as a middleman.  :howiroll: Buuut I should have read it first because as I'm reading it I can see that there's very little potential for it to be a huge hit.  :britney-nicetry: The story is sci-fi and the idea is actually pretty good which is why I was excited about it and volunteered myself to help him, but his execution is very flawed. I'm halfway into it and the plot is still building up to the conflict, the characters are super basic, and it doesn't seem to have an antagonist... :mhm:  I think every good story should have one or more protagonist and antagonist and great stories have characters that are so dynamic that the characters all have good and bad qualities. So I have two options: I can either tell him that unless he goes back and rewrites the whole story, he's not gonna make a profit. or I can keep that to myself and tell him I enjoyed it, waste my time and more of his money than he has already spent (thousands) and will have to spend to promote it.  :ummm: This isn't only my opinion, before I even started the book, everyone I talked to in my family who read it told me how bad it was but I figured they were all just too old to really enjoy the sci-fi genera and I wanted to judge it for myself. It's hard because he is so passionate about the book that if I tell him what I think of it he will be crushed and probably resent me forever!!  :crying2:

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