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Tulisa Wins Drug Case (Video: Tulisa Gives Statement)


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justice for Tulisa has been served

so happy the right decision had been made


  • Singer cleared of organising Â£820 drug deal between friend and reporter
  • She believed Mazher Mahmood was a powerful Hollywood film producer
  • Judge Alistair McCreath told the jury that the case 'cannot go any further' 
  • Judge said there were 'strong grounds to believe' that Mr Mahmood 'lied'
  • Mahmood's driver Alan Smith was central to the collapse of today's case
  • He picked Tulisa up from a hotel where she spoke out against taking drugs 
  • However after talking to Mahmood, Smith changed his crucial evidence 
  • Her friend Mike GLC was also cleared despite pleading guilty before the trial 
  • Tulisa said 'we have now succeeded in exposing the real culprit and liar'
  • Sun confirm Mahmood 'suspended pending immediate internal investigation' 


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Wow, i'm surprised she got off. So there was a lot more to her story. It always struck me as odd, Tulisa seems like such a clever girl than to let anyone trap her like this. 


i'm so happy for her that she got off, she did not deserve any of this at all! you could tell she was shaky/getting emotional from the 1 minute mark in the video.

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I knew she'd get away with it, it was obvious the guy was scum, he is associated with news of the world but she still did it, she was filmed and the other guy Mile GLC pled guilty so that speaks volumes. Loop hole is a loop hole, she has good lawyers, congrats T :smokeney:


fair enough comment tbh.

but she did not deserve any of this at all, to not work for a year due to this :frenchy:

i'm shocked Mike GLC got away with it. but in all honesty lots of people can tell and do tell people where to get drugs from.

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Do you think she can come back from this?


well i know she's already been recording a second album and i'm pretty sure she will be in demand in regard to interviews etc, so if she works i out cleverly, brings out a new single around the time a new single comes out, she may be okay if she releases a catchy single and get the public back on her side. i think people might think more positively of her now thanks to the revelations today about her being cleared of charges. i know she has a deal for two novels aswell. i hope she can come back, what are your thoughts? but this is obviously from a tulisa fan, so i'm just hoping haha :yeathatswhatsup:

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