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Just got Home from the Beyonce/Jayz Concert


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First off: Show was supposed to start at 8, it was pushed back and hour and a half! Started at 930, and ended at MIDNIGHT! However it was jammed packed and I have to say probably the most people I have ever seen at one concert. 


The show itself was actually not as bad. But overall it fell short in my book. Here's my analysis


1) They had too many videos playing in between sets. They none had a theme and were random. They were also boring as hell. It lost the interest of the crowd. Which was sad, because the sets themselves were actually really good. 


2)Beyonce, even though we give her crap all the time, is absolutely gorgeous. She is stunning really. Her body is on point, the outfits, minus this one wedding dress/pant suit crap thing, looked amazing on her body and really made her assets shine. 


3)Her choreography well, let's just say she still moves great, but it's the same thing. Head twirl, head down punch your arms, twirl the hair, shrug the shoulders, etc. That being said she did kill most of those moves. She also lacked in long dances, it was just short spurts for the most part. 


4)She really can entertain a crowd. She had them screaming, dancing, singing along, etc.


5)She LIPSYNCS! Not all the songs, some are live i will give her credit for that. But me and my friends, who are beyonce fans, themselves agree, the mic was no where near her face at some points and the song never missed a beat. Surprise Surprise! 


6) I got the impression that JayZ might have cheated on Beyonce by some of the song choices she used. If you listened to the lyrics they were about men cheating and working through it. I dunno maybe i'm wrong, but this is my analysis and that is what i saw. 


8) Her Chase/Couch routine for Partition...Well that was fucking flawless to be honest. As much as I hate to say it, she killed that dance. 


9) I really liked the concept of them on stage together and doing it simultaneously, however, the dead spots ruined the show. I lost all energy by the end. You literally go from dancing and having fun, to some random skit that sucked everything away from u. In my opinion, it is two performers, so there should have never been a dull moment. 


10) the Ending was Atrocious. No encore. And no real anything. She "sang" the last song beautiful, you got to see videos of her life and her baby. Marriage videos, etc. However, it was like they sang, then just walked off stage and the credits rolled and said the end. The song was halo i think at the end, so it was slow and just left you tired instead of hyped like others i have been too. 


11) JayZ has more hits then i remember he did. lol. 


12) Theifonce struck again ya'll: She has the dude from Britney's I wanna Go video in one of her skits in her show.  :displeased: '

13) The Beyhive did not disappoint. Queens/Men in heels, girls with skin tight clothing, Queens sashaying up the ramp to the superdome, etc.


13) One of the dudes we were in the suite with posted to facebook afterward that he just saw the JayZ and RIHANNA concert, .... :loldisidiot: 


So all in all, it was an ok show. But it left me too bored in too many spots, to ever want to see it again. Maybe a solo tour of hers. She might be able to put on a better more cohesive show by herself. The suites started emptying before the show ended. 


Beyonce,however does prove that she does have some talent to back up her stuff. I was impressed for her command of the stage and ability to draw in the crowd. I don't however like her cocky attitude she has gained since marrying JayZ, but if my one theory is correct, maybe she doesn't have a choice. 


I think that even though we give her hell on here, I think she has proven that she deserves her success. She really is one of the better ones out there. I will take her over Gaga, Miley, Katy Perry, and the likes anyday. 

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Cool review!


You seem very objective and that´s really commendable, i appreciate her success and think she works hard


but i do think she´s overrated especially in the dance and live singing department


and i think your review does a great job of pointing that out


glad you had fun

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