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I'm a wreck rn


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1. So auditions for the school talent show are coming and i have 2 friends who are also major brit fans so we decided to dance the choreo to one of her songs, we ended up agreeing on a bit from slave, then transition to the overprotected break down, do a bit of matm, and end it all with wb, and we rehearsed for like an hour non-stop repeating it over and over again and now i feel sore :orangu:

2. So i enjoy singing and i have a pretty big range (4 octaves 5 notes) and i can do a2-g7 - well I've really been practicing on being able to go lower as well as getting to b7 so i kept on practicing and practicing trying to go as low and as high as i can and now my throat hurts

3. I have 4 tests tomorrow and haven't studied

So basically my body is sore as fuck, my throat hurts bad, and i have to study until like 12:00 :orangu:

Pray for me :orangu:

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