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Amanda Bynes now and then

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It's been a year since the amanda bynes drama and crazy year! but she looks really good and back to herself :D










and yall remember all her crazy tweets and stuff on twitter..... she was crazy as fuck!

also the showed very wierd and behavior, she acted all crazy, she pinched a paparazi, she was wierd on the NYC sreets the bong drama she was arrested and showed hate towards her family and friends and lets dont forget the 

I want drake to murder my vagina











now she is not that active on twitter she sometimes makes some updates about here life and her new project beeing a fashion designer and she is now in touch with firends and family there has been no drama and no strange things... glad she is back and happy 

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I couldn't see the "now" pictures, but I googled it :orangu:

She is looking really good lately :crying1:  ,she looks almost the same way she looked in "What a girl wants" movie tbh :xf2:

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