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Seriously One of the Best and UnderRated Stars of our Time.

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P!nk is by far one of the most under rated stars in the world. How she doesn't get the respect like other artists is beyond me. (except in Australia, She is huge there). She does more than most any other artist out there. Flies through the air, sings live, writes here own music, has an amazing voice, great abs, interacts with the crowd better than anyone, etc. This lady and gentleman is what a TRUE star looks like. I truly wish more would be like her. She deserves way more praise than what she gets. She is also one of the realest and down to earth stars in the world. She doesn't need Gimmicks or attention, she just goes out and puts on a hell of a show.  


So enjoy:



When would the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley, JLO, Lady Gaga, etc. ever Fly through the entire arena? Like this? 



Or fly on a giant chandelier with no harness? 



Or open a show like this? 



Or would have this much fun being a goofball and making fun of themselves? 





Or sing this Beautifully? 




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