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Luke Bryan and Jamie Lynn Spears Flirting


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Princess of Country, Jamie Lynn Spears has been having the year of her life. She's released her critically acclaimed EP, opened for country legends, and recently married. Well she added one new accomplishment to her list; making her Grand Ole Opry debut. Anyone in the country world knows what a huge honor it is to be asked to perform on that stage. Jamie Lynn had a sold out crowd and one stand out guest was none other than current country heartthrob, Luke Bryan.

Sources claim that Luke went back stage before the show to wish JL good luck and they immediately hit it off. They were super hands on with each other and Jamie Lynn was ear to ear with a smile. After the show Luke, who was sans free his wife, went back to JL's dressing room. Both stars were seen leaving together to her after party, where others claim Jamie Lynn was on Luke's lap at one point and they were both drinking like there was no tomorrow. Both are currently wed to others.

Both camps have chose to not comment on the allegations.


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Great. Another reason for the GP to hate on Britney. I can see it now.

Irrelevant A: "Ugh, remember when Britney stole that slimy K-Fed away from that other girl?"

Irrelevant B: "Big time. It was so unladylike."

A: "Well, now her sister's throwing herself at Luke Bryan!"

B: *gasp* "That little homewrecker! But then again, what else can you expect from the Spears family?"

This is so irresponsible of Jamie Lynne. She should know from growing up with Britney that whatever you do reflects on your family. She's ruining Britney's reputation.

That being said, Luke Bryan could pound my trembling boy pussy any day. :thirsty:

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