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NOW GET TO WORK BITCH. Time to REQUEST 'Alien' (or any Britney Jean song you want) on ALL pop radio stations.

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We ALL know of the warm-up session drama. Although William Orbit, many other producers/writers, and CNN defended Britney and stanned hard against the bullying media and their lies about it being an official take, there was a lot of talk about it. It trended for days and reached #1 on Billboard's Trending 140 chart. The Britney Army was never a bully army like monsters or beyhive, cuz we usually spill tea and aren't as delusional, so let's use all our energy on requesting Britney on radios. They're talking about her, which makes playing her music much easier per request. GO REQUEST here now!!! Just tweet all those radios' twitter accounts. I know they are a lot, but it'll only take a few minutes <3


HERE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s2eebm

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