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The Selena hate is seriously getting out of control.


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The fact she has to drink herself into a coma every night and evade immigration officers for the rest of her life makes me beyond happy. Can't WAIT until lupus punches her out once and for all.



I mean I don't give a fuck if you call her talentless or a flop but making fun of her disease is just disgusting. I think most of you Britney Fans who bash Selena know how it feels when people make fun of your fave so why do it to other fan bases ? 


The hate really needs to stop.  :crying1:

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I can't stand racists people that make her out to be an illegal immigrant when she's all American. America was founded by immigrants and just because she's Hispanic, people will assume all are illegal. Its disgusting and ignorant. Report them


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And that lupus thing how many celebs has been diagnosed with that disease i find it quiet strange half hollywood has lupus or a bipolar problem!


Well it is an autoimmune disease and I believe that all the Hollywood stars deal with huge amounts of stress, most of them can't

find a balance. There are so many people around them telling them what is wrong and have to change like their life depends on that.


That's why Britney keeps giving as advice that you should have good people around you to keep you grounded.


As for the bipolar disorder, we all have emotions and when they 'play' with you, you end up with sth like this. Also, especially

actors need to constanly change their personality to fit with the character they portray. This could be a factor...

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