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Gaga...The Desperation is Real


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SO another member on here started talking about it in another topic. I think this deserved it's own topic to be honest. 


So over 4th of July weekend, Gaga apparently photo shopped a crowd photo of a festival she was performing at, ONLY the photo she posted was a METALLICA concert instead. She clearly adds photo shop and stuff, so lets be honest she knew it was fake.  :oshit:


To make it worse, she corrected the photo only to Shade Madonna. Also the new photo she posted...well...Apparently people are claiming it is from 2013 not this past weekend, so that too is a FAKE lol.  :lmfaoo:


Oh and she is claiming 90,000 people attended "her" show, however it was a big music festival with other artists. That is basically like Christina Aguilera Saying she had thousands of fans at Jazz Fest a couple months ago, when in fact everyone was just there for the festival and she happened to be performing.  :bitchplz:


The desperation is real y'all... :lmaolol:

Here's the link...



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