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Jamie Lynn 4th of July Concert

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this because it is more about Britney’s mom and Jamie Lynn.

So I live in Oklahoma but I have some family in Iowa and decided to spend the fourth of July with them this year so I could also see Jamie Lynn perform a few towns over. I had already seen her once in January and she has such a beautiful voice that I just had to see her again. My Aunt and I were some of the first people there so we got to sit in the front row. About an hour before the concert Lynne was walking around behind the stage. I threw my hand up high and started waving at her. I think she saw me but didn’t respond because she didn’t want the attention. So then I waved once more but much calmer and just in front of my chest. This time she waved back! That was enough for me but then about 15 minute’s later security came up to me and looked at my shirt. Then they said “You are wanted backstageâ€! Lynne was so sweet that she asked security to come get me and bring me backstage to meet Jamie Lynn! I had already met Jamie Lynn a few months ago so I wasn’t nervous at all and she is just so kind. I saw Lynne again backstage but she was talking to someone from the venue but I mouthed thanks and she said you’re welcome.  This just makes me so happy because a lot of people I know always say such terrible things about the Spears family but even the biggest haters have to admit that was a really sweet thing for Lynne to do. Now I’m just nervous that she’ll see me when I visit Kentwood in two weeks and think I’m a stalker! I love knowing that Britney had such a sweet mom growing up.

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