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I Have to Euthanize My Dying Dog <3

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My 14 year old Chocolate Lab who I've had since I was a baby, Bruno, is going to get put to sleep on Saturday because he gave out. Last night at like 3 AM he woke up and wandered around my house and backyard for hours and didn't know what to do because he lost it. He was so confused. He was also breathing heavily and looked so bad. So this morning he went outside and walked around a little and then went back to sleep and when he woke up he couldn't even move. At all. So now he can't move at all. What the hell. :crying1: So we brought him to the vet and they think he could have some sort of lung cancer because he coughs A LOT . (Since like last year) Before it was nothing but now its horrible and he can barely breathe correctly (like literally since today). They did bloodwork and those were good. But they say we should put him to sleep because he really can't do anything anymore. He can't even pee. I've been crying so much omg and I even sang an emotional version of Everytime to him. My neighbor also came over to say goodbye because my dogs ALWAYS everyday go to her house and sleep.


:inneresting: Hope he has fun in Doggy Heaven I guess


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