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I had car sex and lost my life


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I was at a bar buzzed and wanted my dick sucked so I met up with a random daddy and we hooked up( safe of course) well my drunk ass forgot my iPhone in his truck and its been 3 days and I had to buy a windows phone :crying2:

life ain't the same :crying3: I lost all my contacts, photos and music. I just wanted my dick blown and got a world of hurt instead...:crying1:

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wow that really sucks :umomg:

no pun intended :umomg:

my iphone is like my left hand... i got it replaced once bc the battery died and i had no phone for a week. i thought i was gonna go crazy

it was bad enough not having a phone for a few days but this windows phone is sooo sub par. I really miss my iPhone. It was born to make me happy.

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Now that guy has all your info. Hopefully there's no photos on there you don't want anyone to see :nowaygif:

lol he gave him a BJ, pretty sure he's seen everything anyway  :lmaolol: But sorry about losing your phone...that really sucks. I feel so naked without my phone.  :crying1:

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