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Is pop mostly for gays or what?

Josie Jean

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Idk if it's just the people that surrounds me but it seems like all the people I went to school with, cousins, etc are into r and b, hip hop, rap, etc. Is that like the norm? It's hard for me to believe. They're always talking about Kanye, Kim, Jay Z, and then there's me. It's like I don't belong

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I thought so but I want to know about how it is with the people around you?

I know a lot of straight guys who love Michael Jackson or JT. I showed Britney's music to some of them and now they love her!  :bomt:


Also my friend is a staright guy who stans Lady Gaga..  :tea2:

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It´s not... but I guess straight guys tend to listen to other music, don´t know why... :thinkingpinky:

Maybe cause the music they listen to has music videos with half naked girls shaking their booty :)

Lol that´s terrible :gloria:

But the girls? Was just on Facebook and many have future tickets to Jay Z and Drake concerts and stuff
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