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Especially if you do not live in the UK and may have missed this..

Term of Endearment

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No offense but I really hate Nicole's voice and she has terrible technique. Every high note is forced she'll have no voice left if she keeps singing like that. It was a mediocre vocal at best.

I can see what you mean by forcing it a bit, but that power effort is what makes me in awe of this performance. But ofcourse everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if everyone liked the same thing - the world would be a boring place..

For example, I think Mariah Carey has a screeching - annoying voice, I do not think she is good, nor do I find her an entertainer. I also struggle to find more than 2 songs of hers I genuinely like.. Her new album is a waste of studio time, and she does not look great. :o

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Part of me can't understand why Nicole flops so hard tbh. PCD gave such awesome jams and was poised to become quite a force, but she went solo and it all started going downhill from there.


I hope she hires a vocal coach soon. I'm no vocal expert, but I know that singing like that can be damaging. Just as Xtina. :MGLOL:

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