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Enraging call at work


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Well I work in a customer contact center for an insurance company and today a woman called us. She wanted to have some more information about a legal aid insurance. I asked her if she was looking for a legal aid insurance for a certain situation and she said yes. She told me she had a 15 year old son who has been bullied for a few years now. It happens at school, he got beat up several times and the bullies also trashed his bike 5 times in the past year. The school had security footage but didn't want to endanger the responsible bullies. Like what the actual fuck. So they didn't report it to the police and ERASED the security footage. She said she knows who's responsible but has no proof due to the schools actions. Her son even ended up trying to take his own life last year and they could barely save him. This brought tears through my eyes and it made me angry. I got so mad after the conversation ended that it completely destroyed my day. How can this still happen when everybody is so educated about bullying? I just had to get this story of my chest. So next time you're rude to someone wherever, even on here think about the consequences.

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