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Any Lea Michele fans here?

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Ok, so I've heard about half of her album and so many of the songs have huge potential. I know she just released On My Way, which should be such a huge hit, but I don't think it's doing too well, correct me if I'm wrong though!


I've heard:


- Canonnball

- If You Say So :crying2:

- Cue The Rain (HUGE potential to be a hit)

- Battlefield

- Burn With You (Apparently this was Corey's favourite song from the album :crying1:)

- On My Way




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She is so annoying, I still can't believe she used Cory's death to her advantage.

Why do people think she uses his death? I genuinely don't understand. I mean, she's written a couple of songs about him yes, but I think most artists do write songs about their experiences.

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Was she on Glee?  :displeased:





I actually genuinely don't know as I stopped watching in season 4 :orangu:

Yes, she played a lesbian there. 




She's such a try hard... too bad she flopped. 

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