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Weird habits that you have

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Anyone in here has weird / rare / unusual habits that can share? It would be funny to read what those are!


I have one: watching scary stuff at night. Looking at scary stuff is like a rush that I love to feel before going to bed. I know... it's weird, but this is precisely what the post is about.


Lots of people watch tons of pornography before going to bed. Not me. I like to look for scary things. The range of scary videos is soooo wide. Ghosts, objects that move in a house for no apparent reason, shadows, pictures that are taken and later when revealed there are faces on them... UFOs, scary phone calls (usually from dead people), screams from hell, reversed music with apparent satanic messages...


So what I do when I get into one of those marathons is to first do all the tasks that I have to do outside my bedroom. For example, feeding the dog, brushing my teeth, peeing, making sure that all doors are locked properly, making sure that no electric appliances are connected (like the kitchen, microwave, etc) and once I notice that everything is set, I get into my room, lock my door and that's when the show begins. I'm supposed not to come out of my bedroom until next day.


Sometimes is a scary movie. So I turn off the lights, and start watching stuff. I have 3 Britney posters in my room and when the light goes down you can barely see her face. So one of my fears is that one of those nights she will move her face or eyes in an evil way. Sometimes I feel like an ugly hand with long fingernails is going to touch my back. Then I might feel that the same is going to happen, but with my feet. Like some entity is going to grab my feet when I step out of the bed. 


The worst part is when I hear a strange noise outside my room. Like in the living room or the porch. Not something evil, but probably a cat, or the wind. So I cannot sleep unless I check again that everything is in order... who knows... there can be a burglar outside. So opening the door and seeing the house in darkness is like the movie Paranormal Activity. You have the sensation that the lamps are moving and that something is watching you. You are afraid of watching certain areas of the house like the sofas or the mirrors (a piece of advice: don't ever look to a mirror by night!) because you might see an ugly face or something much worse.


What about that sensation that you feel when you turn off the lights in the house and as you rush to your bedroom you feel that something is going to grab you from behind? Well, I have news. You feel something weird, because there is actually something there. It won't touch you, but you feel its presence. Maybe one day I'll talk about it.


Any weird habits anyone?




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