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I got the girl I wanted, finally <3


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I'm a straight girl, always interested in boys, but 8 months ago, I met this girl and I started liking her, it was so weird for me, because I never liked girls before. But she had something that it made me fall in love with her. All these months, we were only just friends, but I told her about the way I  feel about her, since day one. She kept me stuck in the friendzone, she is a lesbian, but she never admitted it. I had no choise but to move on. So, I started seeing my ex boyfriend and start having feelings about him again. I was going to tell him how I feel the next time I would see him, but it was too late, 3 days before we met, he told me that he sees someone else, I told him how I felt, then I stopped contact and all these days, until today I was feeling shit and crying myself to sleep everynight. She knew how sad I was. So today, me, her and other friends we were hanging out at a school at night, and she told me that she wants to talk to me. She took me somewhere far from them and she started kissing me, we were kissing all night and then she asked me to be my girlfriend. Now we are together, I'm so happy :)

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