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7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy

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So I was reading this article written by Mara Wilson (She's the little girl who plays Matilda in the Roald Dahl movie) and she tells on a first hand basis why child stars start acting out when they get older. I thought it was super interesting and puts things into perspective on why celebs do what they do. 

It really relates to Brit too and helped me understand her a little better. Especially this part:

Now imagine if you, as a kid, had millions of people watching your every move. First, there's your own entourage: parents or guardians, agents, managers, producers, studio heads, executives of all kinds. And then there are the fans: kids your age who think they know you because they've seen your face on TV, parents who pray you stay squeaky clean because their children want to be you


Having to live up to your fan base is a little like having to deal with a million strict parents who don't actually love you. They reward you for your cuteness and cleverness, but are quick to judge and punish. And they do not want you ever to grow up. How do you react? The way any sullen teenager does: You get resentful, and as soon as you have the freedom, you act out.


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