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Big Brother Cody from USA

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Cody is definitely the prettiest in the house.  :thirsty:


This season all the guys are so comfortable with Frankie invading their personal space, I'm just reading that Zach & Frankie ("Zankie") maybe the only showmance to happen this season, and it may not be just for show according to what Cody & Brittany said happened Day 2.  Then you have the hardcore Republican, Christian doing stuff like this:




I'm not really team Frankie, his mannerism are so over the top and his need to be center of attention at all times bugs the hell out of me.  But he's playing a really good game and doesn't seem to be a prime target.  So go Ariana Grande's brother!   :eeek:


Okay @ me turning this into a Frankie thread.   :overitkbye:  (Sorry.)

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