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Are people going back to Exhale? :(


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I am not writing actively here, but I'm checking Universe almost every 2-3 hours. I love it here, but it seems like the amount of people is getting lower and lower. Why is that?  :crying1: Are people going back to Exhell? I don't want to even check... I hate Jordan for what he did and how he divided the Britney community into "Exhale fans and the others" and I won't bring him a single view to his lame site. So what's up? Why are people missing  :idgi::bitchney:

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Are you serious? We've been having a major boost this week and it's still growing! And no, no one's on exhale mate. Those 40 active members you're seeing is just a tweak Jordan did to make us believe exhale ain't dead. It's fake.


Let it rest in peace.  :bomt:

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Imagine Exhale without all the positive fans, yeah, that's how that place is right now  :tea2:

I think this place is way better, we all know that here so I don't think anyone would want to come back to exhell after all that happened. This place is still growing, it will be huge, I'm sure  :)

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After the way Jordan and his shitty mods spoke about us, you'd have to have zero respect for yourself to return back to that hellhole. Plus Jordan is still making Britney look like shit on the main page and the BSN is still trolls and negativity. No thnx.

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