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Who is the biggest flop you're currently a fan of?


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Like I even fan for anyone else  :tea2:



"What artist you fan for do you dislike the most?"

"What artist do you like the most?"

"Of what artist do you listen the music most of?"

"Do you listen to anything else, but Britney?"


"Anyone particular you wanna mention?"
Green Day

"Any specific album you like?"
... Like I have time to read about their albums  :frenchy:




Basically  :bomt:

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Marie digby, no one knows who she is damn :crying1:

And marina and the diamonds I´m reading here? :frenchy: she ain´t flop bitches :queenflopga:

I know. Her last album debuted higher than BJean in Uk

But single wise she's a "flop"

Well not really. Underperformed tbh

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