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What kind of musician/singer/pop star would you be?


What kind of musician/pop star/singer would you be?  

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  1. 1. Would you write your own music or pay your favorite songwriters to do it for you?

    • Write my own music
    • Pay my favorite songwriters to do it for me
  2. 2. Would you mostly sing live and dance less or mostly lip sync and dance more?

    • Mostly sing live and dance less
    • Mostly lip sync and dance more
  3. 3. Would you be worldwide or local?

    • Worldwide - Selling out stadiums, massive fans, majorly famous
    • Local - Selling out theatres, smaller venues, festivals, famous but more privacy

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1.) I love writing. It feels very therapeutic to me, so I would definitely write my own songs. I'd probably have both though, 'cause some songwriters just write gems that I would never be able to create on my own, so I would write most of my songs but have a few done by other songwriters. :yes:


2.) I love to dance so much, I would be lip syncing and dancing more than anything. I would sing my ballads live, of course, but for fast, uptempo songs, I would be dancing my ass off and lip syncing that! :xf7: :britneylazy:


3.) Hopefully I'd be selling worldwide. I would love to be able to see the world! That would be so much fun. So definitely, worldwide.  :bomt:


This is actually my dream. I plan on going to New York City and aiming to be a singer/pop-star/musician someday. Wish me luck. I hope it comes true!  :toxicwink:  Though, if it did nobody would believe it's me. LOL!  :thatsfunny:

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