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Let me tell y'all about my disease.

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I have this thing called Hashimoto's Thyroidosis.

Also known as thyroid disease, Hashimoto's disease, etc.


It fucks with literally your entire body.


It makes you gain weight because you're hungry all the time. Not just regular hungry, you feel like you're STARVING. Constantly. You could eat at a buffet and be satisfied, and two hours later be raiding your fridge.


It can mess with your mental state. My anxiety is through the roof most of the time, unless I'm on my thyroid medicine. Antidepressants don't work, in fact they make it even worse. You have to be on a specific dosage and type of medicine for any relief. I tried to explain to my mom that the antidepressants weren't working for years, but she thought I was just being an angsty teenager.


Do you like to sleep? So do I. But my disease doesn't let me do that either. I go usually 2 or 3 days without sleep. Along with that, no matter how much I sleep, I always feel tired. Constantly. Every day. I'm living off redbull and monster, and 70% of the time, they don't even work.


My house is constantly at 75 degrees. I always have a tower fan and my ceiling fan on, but I still feel like I'm melting. My mother, who has the same disease, is always cold. And since it's her house, she keeps it 75, always, so it's completely unbearable for the both of us.


Everything hurts. I'm always sore and stiff, no matter how long I'd be active. It's gotten so bad that all the cartilage in my right knee was completely shattered. Now it's like that in the other knee, meaning I need surgery AGAIN. I think it may also be happening in my fingers and my elbows, but I'm not sure.


There's a lot more Hashimoto's does, but I that's mostly what I'm suffering from 24/7.


Also good luck trying to find a doctor that even knows what Hashimoto's is.



Using this post as a way to tell y'all to go get your goddamn thyroids checked. You don't wanna end up like me.

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