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Recommend a movie!


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Jurassic Park, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or Requiem for a Dream. There, you can pick from one of the greatest sci fi flicks of all time, one of the most endearing comedies of all time, or one of the most unforgettable psychological dramas of all time.

You're welcome :mhm:

omg Requiem for a dream was pretty fucked up at the end  :ahhhhhh:

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I know, it's a fantastic movie tho!

Go big or go home. Martyrs & A Serbian Film :yaknow:

I heard about A Serbian film. I just read some of the stuff that goes on in it and I dont think I have the balls to watch it  :pieceofwhat: Oldboy is really fucked up too. Greatest twist ending ever.. made me feel sick for awhile afterward though. But amazing movie. 

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