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When it comes to users clamoring for attention, there's only 1 choice betches:


:bomt:  :bomt:  ValetGirls 4 GodMod :bomt: :bomt:


[insert gif]


[insert another gif]


[a third gif to pass the point]


[maybe a cool picture? I'm still debating it]


[beg for testimonials from @somemember & @someothermember and maybe if I'm lucky, @somemod]


I've got everything y'all:


  1. I'm older than a freshman in highschool
  2. I have more than 200 posts
  3. I don't spam the chatboxes needlessly
  4. I have the most-viewed and -commented blog, which means something to someone
  5. I can be sarcastic


So you see, the choice is obvious in the race to vote for a person in a race where there's no voting or actual chance of attaining target goal,





but seriously guise, stop "campaigning" to be mod. It's annoying as fuck, it won't happen, and the chatbox don't need it. I feel better now. :tea2:

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