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Michael Jackson: 5 years later.

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I still remember like it was yesterday. Exactly 5 years ago, the King Of Pop died a terrible assassination at the hands of Illuminati handlers who could not bear with him anymore. There is overwhelming evidence that he was killed intentionally rather than dying of any of his apparent illnesses. This was a terrible loss for humanity and pop universe in general.


As I was going back home after my job day, sad for the news of Michael's death in state of unbelief, I had an ugly accident in my motorcycle. A woman rushed out of a street and didn't see me coming. I tried to avoid collision by hitting hard the brakes and I lost control of my motorcycle, thus falling and hurting my hands so bad.


When I got home, there was my mother, very upset for Michael's death and watching CNN with all the news of the matter. I told her that I had an accident but she was so shocked about Michael's death that she didn't pay much attention to me. So there I was in the bathroom, extracting little stones that got stuck in the palms of my hands, hurting as fuck and bleeding as hell.


Five years later, June 25th 2009 seems like an unforgettable date on all levels.


So long, King Of Pop.




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