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"Burn the Script" | My New Lead Single | (From "What's Left of Sins") (Added Soundcloud Widget)

ALEX -II- 11O39

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As a performer myself I would never tell someone to stop doing what they're doing but I just don't see any measurable vocal or lyrical talent here whatsoever and the instrumentals aren't yours so I can't comment on those. I think definitely keep doing it for fun as creativity is amazing but I don't think you should persue a career in it, I don't think you'd be able to compete with other more seasoned professionals. But an A for effort :)

Yeah everything I do is for fun! I try to make it as professional as it can get (by adding filters and echo and all of those stuff), to make it even more fun! And yeah, I don't pay attention at the lyrics, but I DO pay attention for the instrumental though. ;)

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