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Is Kevin Federline a celebrity?


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I would understand if he was only relevant when seen with Britney's boys but on sites like DailyMail I often see articles with pictures and news about just him and his wife, and their other kids. :zoomzoom: This has nothing to do with Britney. Why do they think we care? They literally do nothing but live on Kevin's monthly allowance from Britney. I don't understand why the press and the media considers them celebrities.  :xf8:

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lol I'm a straight guy :P but he does look better tbh!! :)

Just so everyone knows... I have nothing wrong with overweight people. But if you're mean/hurt the Queen AND you're overweight... :hellno:

Me too! I just post that because he was a contestant of that tv show, so that made him more "famous"

And omg, a straight guy fan of Britney. It's so hard to find one. I'm glad I found one  :awkwarddd:

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