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uhmm I'm sorta not feeling myself lately cause I'm not even comfortable with my own skin anymore. A cople of years ago I had really healthy looking skin maybe because I've been having more than enough sleep at that time. Unfortunately for me now, I'm now a junior in college so sleep deprivation is highly inevitable. What bothers me is that I noticed that my skin isn't how it used to be. My pores are getting bigger, I'm having acne problems (maybe due to stress and I live in a tropical country and climate change is happening making our place more humid than the usual), blackheads and eyebags (obviously). :crying1:


do you guys know any remedies or some good facial creams that I could use to make my skin look healthy again? :overthis: I really would appreciate your help guys :shankyou:



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i know how that feels.. i get acne whenever i get stressed too

wash your face when you wake up and when you go to bed and try to keep from touching the zits. i also have one of those sonic brush things that deep clean ur pores and it works really well. overall try not to focus on it too much, stressing out about them just makes them flare up more ;)

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