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Sweet Dreams

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I didn´t knew you but this was beautiful  :crying1:




Good luck on those studies :)

tbh on the outside i'm calm and shit, on the inside i'm grieving why did they demote me only after i've been inactive for like q few hours - either i'm slping or studying, they made a shit decision, that's all i can say

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oh! :( i'm glad we shared a time in here and you where also part of the beginning of Universe!

i wish you all the luck and hope to see you soon in here!!

meanplastic u too <3 I still don't understand why the hell am I inactive, masterxposed is the most inactive one lol, I'm not gone completely, still gon be here, summer's coming in a month and by that time I'll hopefully be admin again and be back (dreaming)
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Yeah not gonna name any names but I saw someone join after the exhale collapse and become an admin on the DAY OF registering and now they act like they've been here all along. Don't stand for that shit bb I don't blame you for leaving tbh

You don't know everything so please don't talk about things you don't know. :)

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But yeah I do... I saw it with my own eyes tbh don't presume to tell me otherwise. :)


I didn't say that you didn't see anything. It is true, BUT you don't know why that happened. We don't take just anyone to be a mod or admin after one day if there isn't something else behind it. That's why you don't know what you are talking about. :)

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