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Will exercise help me lose some weight?

Josie Jean

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This time last year, i was 5 pounds lighter. But even then i wanted to be 10 pounds lighter. Now since like September of last year I keep on going up and down 5-7 pounds- never back 10 to what i was before. I don't exercise much. You think that will help me lose my 5-7 plus 10 to what I always wanted? I know diet is main thing, but it's not like i'm eating 3,000 everyday, not even over 2,0000 


Obviously i'm not obese or overweight but I am a little heavier than what i want to be

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Exercising and a healthy diet will make you more fit. Don't judge your health based on a number. Do it based on what makes you look good and feel good :kiss:




and also yeah it would help, but you have to combine it so it works cardio and weights are the best, also a good diet, and you should excersie at least 3 times a week, it helped me a lot i used to weight 98 kilos now i'm 70kilos and i felll soo damn good <3

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if you are a dude you'll be able to loose the extra weight very easily. if you are a girl it will take more time and dedication.


cardio is a must, running or jogging will be good if you're not into gym workouts. and low carb diet with lots of green veggies will be better. don't get rid of sugar and carbs, your body needs them, just measure the amounts you take.

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