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Do What U Want video leak is iconic

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It's fucking disgusting.


Gaga knew who she was working with because there's been hundreds of sexual accusations about Terry Richardson so obviously she tried to spark some controversy by including him in the video. Karma is a bitch though and it all backfired right in her ugly face after R. Kelly who goddamn fingers her in the video turns out to be a peadophile. Two perverts in one video, well done gaga and yet you moan and make it overly sexual. Tasteless. Not to include it being a cheap copy of Overprotected. 


It trended on Twitter? It's a fucking music video snippet that little monsters were thirsty for for months so obviously it goddamn trended. We get Britney trends without a particular reason so it means shit.


It jumped some spots on iTunes? logic, people are talking about the song = more downloads. It probably gained a few hundreds more which is enough to help it climb another 100 but it's never gonna make a comeback on the charts, thank fucking god.


'Iconic gifs'? bitch please, has-been wanna be queen of pop is rolling on the floor and moaning, obviously there are gonna be gifs.


When will g.u.y.?

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Yeah but lady gaga always sold records with gross stuff so...  :yes:

i mean theres a difference between wearing a meat dress and making a video that treats rape lightly, so 

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That cheap video is far from iconic... it didn't have any impact and it's just a vile copy of the S&M video.


Can your fave be original for once in here career (if she has any left now) ? 



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