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The Official "I Need Some New Music" Recommendation Thread

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So this thread is to recomend people NEW music, or an underrated song that should be loved,

the point of this thread is to share with everyone new artist or underrated songs, hey maybe you will find a now artist to stan right here!!!


here are my choices enojoy! tell me if ya like it




You should listen to her music she is reallly really cool tbh <3 <3


Travis Garland 










ps: Jay NO Selena or i will cut you!

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Back in my day, Britney was my favorite, but we used to have music like this

An underrated song:


And if you're brave enough to make a jump into latin music of the early 90's :

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If you're into EDM and mostly clubbing stuff then I highly recommend Galantis, Rebecca & Fiona and Will.i.am (:pieceofwhat:).


LINKIN PARK and Muse are a must if you're into Alternative music. P.O.D is also really good. :mhm:


If you're into POP then there's only one artist you should listen to and that is the One and Only, the legendary Miss Britney Spears.




Recently, I've been listening to this girl BANKS. She's a Lana Del Rey meets Lorde, but more uptempo somehow. It's hard to explain cuz I really don't know what genre her music belongs to, but I'd say Indie. :xf1: So go check her out.


I'm looking forward to Sia's new album :mhm:


Oh and The Weeknd is also cool, if you're into cheesy meets perv meets something :yakno: I don't know, but his music is cool.


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I kinda hear all types of music, so... You might see some weird stuff here cause I hear almost everything  :yesplz:



If you´re into rock/metal I strongly recomend you evanescence (she released an album in 2011 few know and so underrated, the video above is not from that album tho :) ) you can also listen to nightwish or epica 





K-pop fans Girls generation or f (x)  :yesplz:



If u are into pop arianna grande is big right now, iggy is also really good :3 and I love katy perrys new album even if the Britney army seems to hate her  :crying1:


I´ll think of more and post them here  ;)




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