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Calling all bottoms


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After the initial pain..if feels great...i've learned to let the dude stick it in and take it out until that initial pain goes away..then he can pound away...Which usually only lasts about 3 mins or less, tops now a days have no stamina lol. I think my favorite part of it is just not being in control. I'm always in control in everything else, so bottoming is just letting someone control/manhandle you, it's hot...Topping and even getting sucked does not a thing for me...

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Anal sexb etween two men is a sin. Says so in the Bible sweetie. :yaknow:

So is sex before marriage, judging others, etc...Les Be honest, you weren't married to either dude...No sin is greater than the other...It's in the bible sweetheart..Maybe u should read a little harder, i have.. :tbh:  :dealwitit:

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It´s heaven on earth with the right guy  ;)






My ex was 100% top, and he knew how to do it just right, it´s all about its hability, when you find a man that can do it for hours its just


fucking amazing   :thirsty:

:o omg ! jk haha same here


i have only bottome once it was with my bf but he ain't 100% top :woahh:

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