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Lana Should Sing..

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Hey y'all! Today, I went out and bought the Ultraviolence CD and holy shit it's amazing. The first half of the album belongs in every human's music collection. The first thing I did from work was put it on, spark it up and get lost in Cruel World. Like oh my god. What a great evening.


I was thinking to myself through it: what should Lana cover. If you haven't listened to Lana's enormous back catalog, you should know she's not limited to narcotized cinema music (though I think she's finally figured out she's an obligate torch singer).


With that in mind, what songs do you want Lana to cover? I would LOVE for her to find a way to cover "Destino," the song used in the short film by masters Walt DIsney and Salvador Dali that was recently completed and remastered:



What are yours? :yesplz:

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